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Thankgiving Greetings from Windham Wines

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The timing of this latest outbreak and the corresponding appeal to restrict discretionary social gatherings just before Thanksgiving is bittersweet. Plans were underway for smaller gatherings, though still across households. It hardly feels like Thanksgiving if it is just the usual couple or nuclear family at the table and yet, . . . .

New Virtual Tastings From Windham Wines – Biodynamic Wine Series

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Parish Hill Creamery Cow

As we retreat indoors this fall and winter, Windham Wines continues its virtual tasting series as one way of maintaining our relationships with you, our customer-friends, and with the small, independent, family-owned wine producers that we champion. For those of you new to the tastings, we open two bottles together– available for purchase at Windham […]

November Wine Recommendations from Windham Wines

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Sunny Vineyard

White Wine Recommendations Pas Saint Martin,”Pierre Frite” Saumur Blanc, 2019 $18, organic After selling out of the previous vintage and impatiently waiting for the next, we welcome back this beautiful Chenin Blanc, full of stone fruit flavors that get extended and lightened by a fresh minerality on the finish. No malolactic fermentation and no residual […]

Vermont Vermouth Encore

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Vermont Vermouth

The creation of Kobey Shwayder, a self-described “flavor specialist” (who also has a Ph.D. in linguistics from Penn), these Vermouths and one “apple wine” are seriously delicious. Kobey launched Vermont Vermouth just before the pandemic hit. We would sell it if we could but our license does not allow it. Good news though– it is easy […]

Virtual Tasting Calendar / Fall 2020

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Virtual Tasting Windham Wines

Join us for a virtual tasting this fall — we have a full schedule of wines for you to try including our new Biodynamic series. All virtual tastings start at 4pm. Click for more information. Sunday, September 27th Luca Baccarelli, Roccafiore, Umbria, organic We love these wines, and now we’ll have one of Roccafiore’s owners, […]

Filtered and Non-Filtered Wine

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Angelo Negro

What difference does it make to filter a wine? After grape juice undergoes fermentation, wine is often filtered both to take out the final, infinitesimally small yeast particles or bacteria that may make a wine unstable (and lead to off-putting aromas) and to enhance the wine’s luster. Some importers, however, have championed unfiltered wines (e.g., Kermit Lynch, Joe Dressner, and now many natural wine importers) because they believe that filtering extracts not just particulates, but flavor. They contend that wines made cleanly, with balance of pH and acidity, will be stable. In that case, filtering extracts compounds whose contributions to the final wine are important to that wine’s identity.

The Beauty of Wine to Connect

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Marty Samples Fibbiano Wine

My friend (and a friend to many to of you, too), Peg, sent us an email thanking us for a wine that she gave as a gift, observing that, “[w]ine has the power to transport people to places, experiences, and people that are held in the heart.” In that case, a bottle of Sicilian wine propelled its recipients to a grandmother’s time and village, allowing them to celebrate her life as they remembered her from their porch in Apalachicola, FL.

Mid Summer Selections – 20 Wines Under $20

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Midsummer 20 under $20

Just in time for midsummer, here are 20 wines under $20/bottle, all in stock now at Windham Wines! You’ll find selections for all your summer needs including sparkling, whites, reds, and rosés. Read on for details.

Windham Wines Open For In-Store Visits and Curbside Pickup

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As we watch what is happening around the country with COVID cases, we are going to start slowly, splitting time between curbside-only and opportunities for those who want to come in to browse. Curbside is available anytime we are there including all of Friday and Saturday; it is curbside-only on Thursdays and the first part of our Friday hours.