New Partner: Agricola Farm, Vermont

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Agricola Farm

We will be partnering with Agricola Vermont for our virtual tasting with Alto Piemonte producer Gilberto Boniperti. Alessandra Rellini and Stefano Pinna, natives of Lombardy and Piemonte respectively, farm privileging soil health and animal welfare to produce traditional, authentic Italian products. They champion “intensive rotational grazing” that they maintain “favors the consumption of grass and legumes at their sweetest point, and the constant movement of muscles allows for healthier animals and more flavorful and healthy meat.”

Winter 2021 Virtual Tastings

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As we retreat indoors by late afternoons this winter, Windham Wines continues its virtual tasting series as one way of maintaining our relationships with you, our customer-friends, and with the small, independent, family-owned wine producers that we champion. For those of you new to the tastings, we open two bottles together– available for purchase at Windham Wines– and talk with the winemaker about terroir, grapes, farming practices and wine. Click to read the full schedule through March 2021.

Virtual Tasting Calendar / Fall 2020

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Virtual Tasting Windham Wines

Join us for a virtual tasting this fall — we have a full schedule of wines for you to try including our new Biodynamic series. All virtual tastings start at […]

Virtual Tasting Calendar Spring 2020

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To participate in our virtual tastings, send us your email and we’ll send you the invitation on the morning of the tasting. Email us at We usually taste two […]

Virtual Tastings – Join In From Home

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We are launching our series of virtual tastings this Saturday, April 11th, with our friend, Matteo Cantoni, of Fattoria Fibbiano, followed by Camilla Chauvenet, of Massimago, pictured left, on April […]