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Wine Recommendations for Spring 2024

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Sparkling Wine Domaine le Facteur Vouvray, Extra Brut, NV $24, organic You know that we love sparkling, so we are always on the alert when something new to us comes […]

Fresh Seafood from Community Dock

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Community Dock 2024

Welcome back to Lynn and Maria Steyaart, owners of Community Dock, a mobile seafood market that brings fresh Alaskan seafood ethically caught by Lynn back to us in Vermont. You can be assured that the fish offered through Community Dock are wild, not farmed; they are caught individually on lines, not en mass in nets– it is low volume, high-quality fishing. Come by next time Community Dock pulls into our parking lot (May 2nd), meet Maria, pick up some fresh, ethically-fished seafood– join their CSA!– and visit us at Windham Wines. We’ll help you select a lovely bottle of wine to accompany your repast.

Pinot Noir Quartet

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Tasting within a category There are over 7500 wines from which we must choose to fill the only 500 (ish) options that occupy our shelves. While some of those are […]

Wine Discoveries 2023

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Our byline invites you to “shop locally, taste globally.” That is easier now to do than ever. Our distributors are working with more importers from more countries, bringing in wines made from grapes of which we’ve not heard, from regions for which we consult maps. Windham Wines now offers wines from 17 different countries. Within the US, we carry wines from 9 different states. The tasting team was active over 2023, and what a year of discovery it was for us.

Happy Holidays from Windham Wines 2023

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Kitten Under Tree 2023

We are nearly at the end of another year. When we review the year, it is through our memory and, as Robert Burns reminds us, those memories are made within relationships– deaths, births, celebrations (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, retirement) jobs, moves, trips, dinners, catastrophes. It is especially during the difficult times that our friendship and family connections are so very essential. I am grateful for my “trusty friends” who are always willing to offer me a hand and a “cup of kindness.” I hope my hand has been extended as steadfastly when they have needed it. When we get to be of a certain age, “auld land syne” extends back impressively and, if we are really fortunate, we are still connected to some of those “auld acquaintance.”

Happy Thanksgiving 2023 from Windham Wines

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Two things I love about Thanksgiving: one, spending the day with three generations of family, catching up on the growth and development of those young people, and all the ensuing chaos that accompanies the combined energy of children, dogs, and adults in the kitchen; and two, consciously practicing gratitude. It’s ironic that we need to be reminded to be thankful, given that expressing gratitude is associated with positive effects on our emotional health and strengthening interpersonal relationships.