Fall 2022 Wine Recommendations from Windham Wines

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Here are the Fall 2022 Wine Recommendations from Windham Wines. Enjoy! Ailalá- Ailalelo, Blanco Ribeiro, 2020 $20 Ailalå is a Galician expression, a cry of joy and fun, a song and a shout when good times are shared among friends. Well, the tasting team tried this wine together and we were first a bit gobsmacked […]

Explore! Wine of the Month

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We try to whet your wine appetite and expand your palate with our wine recommendations and the virtual tastings. We are going to experiment with a wine of the month that focuses on a different variety, especially those with which you may be less familiar. This Month’s Pick: Lagrein, from Alto Adige in Italy

Spring Wine Recommendations

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Our wine recommendations this month meet the following “earth-friendly” criteria organic, biodynamic or regenerative organic– biodynamics and regenerative each start with organic farming but each goes well beyond what can (or mostly cannot) be applied to the vines. Biodynamics requires composting and cover crops to put nutrients back into the soil as well as bringing […]

Wine Recommendations for March 2022

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White, Pink and Bubbly Recommendations Il Farneto, Frisant Bianco, Emilia-Romagna: $20, Biodynamic A blend of Spergola and Sauvignon Blanc, we got sweet cream, orange, hazelnut and just a whiff of mint on this petillant natural that delighted the tasting team. Azienda Agricola Il Farneto is an 8 hectare property in western Emilia-Romagna, farmed biodynamically. Hand-harvested, natural […]

15 Under $20, Winter 2022 at Windham Wines

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What makes a wine a candidate for the winter list rather than summer? Both the winter and summer lists are meant to suggest high value, i.e., we think that they deliver more for the price vis-à-vis many wines in the same price range. Summer wines are lighter, with an emphasis on being refreshing. They are […]

Customer Favorites 2021

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This section includes wines that won the palates and hearts of you, our customer-friends, over the past year. Enjoy what others have enjoyed!

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

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Fibbiano Rosato Toscano 2020

What makes a wine a “Thanksgiving wine”? Given the length of our day together, it is important that the wine is lively, fresh, energizing, not heavy, flat and enervating. Acidity is key because, as Eric Asimov wrote, “[i]t’s what makes a wine refreshing and it helps to keep you going through a long day full of heavy foods.” We’ve pulled several wines at the shop that we think fit the bill, many of which are described below.

Wine Picks for Harvest Season 2021

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Ricca Terra Bronco Buster

Just as food is at its seasonal best, here are four wines to enhance your harvest feast. White Wine Recommendations Tenuta Gorghi Tondi, Grillo, Sicilia, 2020: $15, organic One of our delights of the summer, this Grillo is made by Clara Sala, one of the two sisters who own and manage the farm at Gorghi […]

Windham Wines 20 Under $20 for Summer 2021

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Triennes Rose

Windham Wines is pleased to present our much lauded 20 under $20 wine list for Summer 2021.  There are a lot of winners for this time of year and we hope our recommendations help you choose the best wines for your summer get-togethers and backyard dining.