Wine at Harvest Season

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Shabir and Volunteer Pickers

Harvest is underway throughout the northern hemisphere, including here in Vermont. Shabir Kamal, local vigneron who sells grapes to La Garagista in Barnard, checked the ripeness of his berries, declared them ready, and called the volunteer crew to pick. With just over 1/3 of an acre, 25+ volunteers picked 2400 pounds of Brianna and Marquette over two picture perfect days.
We’ve checked in with some of our other winemaking friends from the US and Italy who sent images from their current harvest, some of which are included below.

Thankgiving Greetings from Windham Wines

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The timing of this latest outbreak and the corresponding appeal to restrict discretionary social gatherings just before Thanksgiving is bittersweet. Plans were underway for smaller gatherings, though still across households. It hardly feels like Thanksgiving if it is just the usual couple or nuclear family at the table and yet, . . . .

Windham Wines Open For In-Store Visits and Curbside Pickup

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As we watch what is happening around the country with COVID cases, we are going to start slowly, splitting time between curbside-only and opportunities for those who want to come in to browse. Curbside is available anytime we are there including all of Friday and Saturday; it is curbside-only on Thursdays and the first part of our Friday hours.

Curbside Pickup – Supporting Local Business During Difficult Times

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Wine and Facetime

It has been two months since our world (the US northeast) became a different place governed by new protocols, like social distancing, mask-wearing and curbside pick-up. Thank you for the trust you convey by allowing us to collect cases, half-cases, or bottles for you during this pandemic. We are expanding the hours of pick-up to include 4 hours on Saturday– 10:00-2:00 as well as the Friday,11:00-5:00 pick-up time. More on orders and pick-ups below.

Curbside Pick-up Available Fridays 11:00-3:00

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Our customers have sent a clear message– social distancing should not occur without wine! In response to those pleas and to enable you to get the wines we’ll be tasting together in our virtual tastings, we will be at the shop on Fridays, filling orders and arranging for your curbside pick-up.

We can get wine to you without physical contact.

Virtual Tastings – Stay Home and Taste With Us

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We hope that you are all well. We think of you daily, and miss our conversations with you. Over the past two and a half weeks that we have been closed, we have done lots of reading (I can strongly recommend Frederic Van de Water’s Reluctant Republic: Vermont, 1724-1791, an entertaining account of Vermont’s struggle […]

Windham Wines Update – New Hours, New Curbside Pickup

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Bearing in mind that Social Distancing – or even Social Isolation – is upon us, Windham Wines is focused on helping our clients maintain quality of life. We know that many of you will be immersed in family time, including cooking and dining. To that end, we’re introducing curbside pickup. We offer to collect cases/half-cases/bottles for you via phone or email orders that you can drive by to pick up as we deliver to your car in our parking lot.

Winter News from Windham Wines

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Wines on Display

We had a wonderful celebration of the end of January with our organic-biodynamic-natural wines tasting on February 1st at New England House. The images above capture some of that fun. For those looking for a lively, beautiful sparkling to share with your valentine, we can recommend the Cerra la Barca, Vegas Altas, Petillant Natural, which […]

Dry January, February Tastings, and more

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We have conceded Dry January, offering no tastings to help you achieve success with your resolutions but, . . . February begins with a tasting that is good for you– organic, biodynamic and natural wines. We celebrate the end of January, kicking off the new year’s events with a walk-around tasting of 25+ wines under […]