April 2023 – Responsible Wine Choices

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As I start this email in later mid-April, Frank and I are sitting outside enjoying our morning coffee together. It is not yet 7:00 a.m. While we love it, it is disconcerting and a reminder that global warming is real. The April issue of our newsletter always features “earth-friendly” wines as we welcome spring and are mindful of our deep connection to this magnificent planet. It has been remarkably forgiving of our disregard and even abuse. We owe it some care, including making consumer choices that consider the practices of the producers. Each of the wines we recommend this month is a product of environmentally-responsible farming and winemaking. It is our pleasure to work with these producers.

Windham Wines – Women and Wine

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Women In Wine 6

March is also Women’s History Month. We are celebrating women in wine this month at Windham Wines. We’ve met a number of remarkable women in the wine sector during our 16 years in business.

Many Thanks From Windham Wines

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Meadow Sunrise

We say it every year at this time, and we feel it everyday that we are in the shop interacting with you, our customer-friends. We are grateful for your support and for your friendship. Santé, customer-friends. And happy Thanksgiving 2022! Read on for more including our Thanksgiving holiday hours.

Safe Shopping at Windham Wines

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winter scene

Hello Customer-Friends, We start each day by watching the sun creep over the hills and illuminate the sky in various shades from coral to charcoal, or we see the fog […]

2022 Resolutions from Windham Wines

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Winter Field at Sunset

It is that time of year when we surround ourselves with family and our chosen families, and celebrate that we have each other. It is a time for self-reflection, for considering what is well in our lives and for taking responsibility for things that we might change for the better in ourselves, our relationships and our communities and resolving to work for those changes in the year ahead. Resolutions represent some of our self-identified goals for the year. We’ll probably fall short, but the new year provides the clean slate for a fresh start. We can at least start off resolute.

Thanks from Windham Wines

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Autumn Guilford from Above

Frank and I are grateful to you for your support of Windham Wines. We know it is a choice, and we feel that connection which is why you are more than customers. You are our customer-friends. Thank you.

Living Local In Vermont – It’s All About Resilience

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Vermont Grapes

Well, it has not felt like Vermont lately, but then neither has the Pacific Northwest felt like the Northwest. Comparatively, we are lucky, and as I write, it is pouring and the temperature inside has dropped from a steamy 86 degrees to a blissful 78 degrees. We don’t tend to get long periods of unbearable heat and humidity here, but we know that it will be back. Mercifully, there is wine– especially sparkling, white and rosé.

Thoughts on Spring from Windham Wines

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Crabapple May 2021

As the leaves unfurl and the grass greens to color our hills and mountains the hue that gives Vermont its name, we have much for which to be grateful. Summer 2021 promises to bring physical reunions with family and friends. That is cause for celebration– and we have some celebratory wines to enhance your festive mood. As always, we have been tasting and have more recommendations below, including rosés. We also have our final two virtual tastings of the winter-spring tasting season before we take our summer break.

Town Meeting Day + Sugaring + Mud Season = Spring is en route to Vermont

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Postal Service Truck Mud Season

The snow has mostly melted, the sap is flowing and our roads are erupting or imploding. Spring is imminent. Just to underscore that eventuality, a quintet of red-winged black birds came by the feeders earlier this week. Welcome back harbingers of spring! But all of you humans who migrated somewhere south, you know better than to return during mud season.