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Summer Wines, Summer Tastings at Windham Wines

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Rose Wine

I do love summer but wow, last week was a challenge! We needed air conditioning, which we don’t have at home, and rosé, which mercifully we have both in the shop and at home. We invite you to come in to stock a few in your home for imminent future heat domes in the Northeast.

To add to your filling summer calendar (why do we associate summer with a slower pace?), we have an in-person tasting on Saturday, July 13th at the Green River Bridge Inn. For the wine-curious among you– which is the majority of our customer-friends– this will be an opportunity to explore new regions and new producers as well as new vintages of some vetted favorites. It will be a casual, walk-around tasting, a great event to enjoy with a group of friends. There are more details below.

It seems that I am always conveying to you that the team has continued to taste and to discover new wines about which we are excited. At Windham Wines, our goal is to provide a broad range of wines that we believe our customers will appreciate and that are made using practices that we can support, from environmental sustainability to labor practices and animal husbandry. Even with what we consider to be high expectations, we are often blown away by the quality of the wine in the bottle for the price. It’s not cheap and cheerful, but it is high-value. We share some of these with you below. You’ll also have the chance to taste many of them should you come to our July tasting.

As always, we look forward to seeing you in the shop and around town soon.

Cheers, chin-chin, santé, saluti, prost, customer-friends.