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2022 Resolutions from Windham Wines

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Winter Field at Sunset

It is that time of year when we surround ourselves with family and our chosen families, and celebrate that we have each other. It is a time for self-reflection, for considering what is well in our lives and for taking responsibility for things that we might change for the better in ourselves, our relationships and our communities and resolving to work for those changes in the year ahead. Resolutions represent some of our self-identified goals for the year. We’ll probably fall short, but the new year provides the clean slate for a fresh start. We can at least start off resolute.

Return of the Wine Clubs– revised

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If you are among the wine curious, then our resurrected wine clubs are for you. Our wine clubs will introduce you to some of our favorite artisanal wines and the […]

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

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Fibbiano Rosato Toscano 2020

What makes a wine a “Thanksgiving wine”? Given the length of our day together, it is important that the wine is lively, fresh, energizing, not heavy, flat and enervating. Acidity is key because, as Eric Asimov wrote, “[i]t’s what makes a wine refreshing and it helps to keep you going through a long day full of heavy foods.” We’ve pulled several wines at the shop that we think fit the bill, many of which are described below.

Thanks from Windham Wines

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Autumn Guilford from Above

Frank and I are grateful to you for your support of Windham Wines. We know it is a choice, and we feel that connection which is why you are more than customers. You are our customer-friends. Thank you.

Wine Picks for Harvest Season 2021

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Ricca Terra Bronco Buster

Just as food is at its seasonal best, here are four wines to enhance your harvest feast. White Wine Recommendations Tenuta Gorghi Tondi, Grillo, Sicilia, 2020: $15, organic One of […]

Wine at Harvest Season

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Shabir and Volunteer Pickers

Harvest is underway throughout the northern hemisphere, including here in Vermont. Shabir Kamal, local vigneron who sells grapes to La Garagista in Barnard, checked the ripeness of his berries, declared them ready, and called the volunteer crew to pick. With just over 1/3 of an acre, 25+ volunteers picked 2400 pounds of Brianna and Marquette over two picture perfect days.
We’ve checked in with some of our other winemaking friends from the US and Italy who sent images from their current harvest, some of which are included below.

Windham Wines 20 Under $20 for Summer 2021

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Triennes Rose

Windham Wines is pleased to present our much lauded 20 under $20 wine list for Summer 2021.  There are a lot of winners for this time of year and we hope our recommendations help you choose the best wines for your summer get-togethers and backyard dining.

Living Local In Vermont – It’s All About Resilience

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Vermont Grapes

Well, it has not felt like Vermont lately, but then neither has the Pacific Northwest felt like the Northwest. Comparatively, we are lucky, and as I write, it is pouring and the temperature inside has dropped from a steamy 86 degrees to a blissful 78 degrees. We don’t tend to get long periods of unbearable heat and humidity here, but we know that it will be back. Mercifully, there is wine– especially sparkling, white and rosé.