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Curbside Pickup – Supporting Local Business During Difficult Times

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Wine and Facetime

It has been two months since our world (the US northeast) became a different place governed by new protocols, like social distancing, mask-wearing and curbside pick-up. Thank you for the trust you convey by allowing us to collect cases, half-cases, or bottles of wine for you during this pandemic. We are expanding the hours of pick-up to include 4 hours on Saturday– 10:00-2:00 as well as the Friday, 11:00-5:00 pick-up time. More on orders and pick-ups below.

During this COVID era, one way to learn about some of the wines we have to offer is to participate in our virtual tastings. We select two wines from one of the producers whose wines we carry, and taste them with that winemaker or a family member of that producer. These tastings have been personal, intimate; we sign off knowing the people and at least a couple of their wines.

In every case so far, it has underscored our connection to these hard-working, passionate families. We leave our Zoom tasting knowing that it matters that we support them, and that it is easy to do because their wines are expressions of their place and them and happily, the wines are distinct and delicious.

Dave McIntyre, wine writer for the Washington Post, wrote about the link between local wine shops and small family wineries, that in supporting one, you support the other. We realize that now more than ever.

Windham Wines remains committed to searching out wines that we believe have value to you. Our goal is to provide you with a selection of wines that you find satisfying, and with service that reflects how much we value your support. You are our raison d’etre. Thank you.

Curbside Pick-up

Fridays, 11:00-5:00
Saturdays, 10:00-2:00

We are “open” for curbside pick-up only two days a week. We are happy to collect cases, half cases, any number of bottles for you. We get the vast majority of our deliveries from distributors on Thursday.

If there are specific wines you want to include in your order, we have the highest likelihood of making that happen if we receive your order by noon on Wednesday. I know that it is early; our distributors have moved up deadlines as they staff with fewer people in the offices and warehouses.

If you are flexible about which wines to include, providing instructions such as full-bodied reds, $13-$18, we can find something that works and a Thursday by 2:00 order should be adequate time. Email your orders to us at

Thank you.

Interested in participating in a virtual wine tasting? We’re doing those too.