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Thankgiving Greetings from Windham Wines

| Windham Wines News

COVID cases are on the rise again, including here in Vermont. Last Friday, Governor Scott asked us not to socialize across households.The data from contact tracing show that the current spread is not coming from outside Vermont, it is not coming from businesses; it is not coming from dining in restaurants. Rather, it is coming from voluntary social gatherings. Scott and Levine emphasized that there should be minimal contact across households,

The timing of this latest outbreak and the corresponding appeal to restrict discretionary social gatherings just before Thanksgiving is bittersweet. Plans were underway for smaller gatherings, though still across households. It hardly feels like Thanksgiving if it is just the usual couple or nuclear family at the table and yet, . . . .

This pandemic is not a sprint, it is not even a half-marathon, but a full marathon and we have reached Heartbreak Hill. We know that we are three-quarters of the way through, but this last quarter is more psychological than physical. I am glad that my cohort is Vermont, our team that supports each other to reach the finish. We wear our masks, we social distance, we wash our hands and we minimize inter-household discretionary gatherings.

Like most businesses, Windham Wines has hand sanitizer just inside the door. We appreciate that you stop to use it before starting to browse. Our capacity, given the size of the space and the lack of air flow, is only 5 people, and that includes Frank and me. Some of you have waited patiently outside the shop or in your car to ensure that we don’t go over that limit. We certainly are not going to put the timer on when you enter; the recommendation is no longer than 15 minutes inside and that is with a mask.

We have identified some Thanksgiving wine options, including some “special” bottles to enjoy with many fewer sitting at this year’s table. Thanksgiving this year will be less chaotic. We can be more reflective about the things for which we are grateful, like health, family, friends, Vermont–this place we get to call home.

Windham Wines, that is, Frank and I, are grateful to you who have supported us over the past 14 years. We have been through a lot together in that period– a Great Recession, a hurricane and now a protracted pandemic, among other challenges. In the midst of those events that affect us all, we have also celebrated weddings, anniversaries, and births as well as sharing news about serious illnesses and losses of family and friends. It has been a journey, and we celebrate you daily. We’ll raise a glass to you to whom we refer as our “customer-friends.” Thank you for your support of Windham Wines, and for your friendship.

Santé, customer-friends.