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Windham Wines Update – New Hours, New Curbside Pickup

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Bearing in mind that Social Distancing – or even Social Isolation – is upon us, Windham Wines is focused on helping our clients maintain quality of life. We know that many of you will be immersed in family time, including cooking and dining. To that end, we’re introducing curbside pickup.

We offer to collect cases/half-cases/bottles for you via phone orders that you can drive by to pick up as we deliver to your car in our parking lot. Our patrons trust that we are knowledgeable about their palates, wine interests and cost parameters and we are happy to continue that service by phone or email!

Our house this week, which include opening today, Monday:

  • Monday, 1:00-6:00
  • Tuesday-Friday, 11:00-6:00
  • Saturday, 10:00-5:00

Like so many other groups that have cancelled or postponed programming, Windham Wines will hold off on any tastings until we can all enjoy social gatherings in safety. While we protect ourselves and others by minimizing social contact, let’s not forget to check in with each other.

In a note from the Vermont Jazz Center, Eugene Uman quoted these words to guide us, from Jan Salzman, Rabbi at Ruach haMaqom, in Burlington.

“My friends, we can ‘flatten the curve’ of the disease’s progression if we are ‘religious’ in our observance of maniacal personal hygiene and social distancing. Check in with each other. Take care of each other. Check in with your neighbors. Tell those whom you love, that you love them. Smile at each other. Make profound eye contact. . . . Above all, be kind.”

We hope that all of you are and remain well. It is a time of uncertainty that has us grateful that we live in a place that takes this pandemic seriously, a place where the vast majority is behaving responsibly, observing recommended practices meant to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

With best wishes.

Marty and Frank