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Pick of the Week– ReNacer and Allegrini, Enamore

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Enamore, Mendoza, 2011

ReNacer, Enamore


Enamore is a joint project with Amarone producer, Allegrini, who brought their experience of making wine from dried grapes to ReNacer. The Enamore is a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda and Cabernet Franc grapes, dried to concentrate flavors, then given a long fermentation to increase extraction of color and flavors.

Here is a wine to set a romantic tone for the evening. A play on the word Amarone, Enamore means to fall in love. We suspect that you will indeed fall in love with the wine. It has a lush, full-bodied texture, with seductive flavors of juicy raspberry, dark cherry and bittersweet chocolate. You might try this with some chocolates from one of our exceptional local chocolatiers.

  • Dar Tavenier and John Singer, of Tavenier Chocolates, offer brilliant, fresh creations that vary weekly but always impress. Dar and John will be sharing some of their “sweet love” collection on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th at North End Butchers. Come by to try them, and pick up a bottle of the Enamore to dazzle your special someone.
  • Lindsay Cox, of Coddle and Cosset, makes exquisite truffles. You can find Lindsay at the Brattleboro Winter Farmer’s Market at the River Garden on Saturdays, 10:00-2:00.


Producer: ReNacer and Allegrini

Country/Region: Argentina/Mendoza

Price: $26.99

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