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As summer approaches

| Windham Wines News

The glorious weather continues; there is actually a hint of green in southern Vermont, and the roads are nearly done heaving, at least in Green River. In the wine shop, we are shifting into warm weather stock with the arrival of new vintage whites and rosés, though the latter are shipped primarily in April and May, then need a few weeks to settle before moving on to their retail destinations. We hope to offer our full selection of rosés by early June.

We always look forward to summer in Vermont, though this year, as downtown retailers, we are trepidatious. As you may have read in last week’s Reformer, there is major roadwork planned for Route 5 this summer, including repaving from Exit 1 to the Dummerston town line. While we welcome improvements to the road and particularly to Malfunction Junction, our location already is challenging. We want to make it easy for you to shop with us. Please don’t hesitate to call us with orders that we are happy to put together for you. Until construction interrupts us, we can meet you outside the shop and load your order into your car (our wine valet service).  We are working on a delivery option once construction begins.

Finally, you’ll note that the tasting calendar below has a gap in it. There will not be a 4th Saturday tasting in April. Frank and I will be away, but we will be back in early May and will resume the tastings then with some Friday variations.