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Tax Free Saturday

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It’s official; Vermont has declared another sales tax holiday on purchases below $2000.

This Saturday, March 6th, buy a case of wine and save the usual 10% (or 5% on 6-11 bottles), plus an additional 6% since you won’t be charged tax.  If you want to save a little more, pay cash. Everyday you save 1.5% when you pay cash; add that to the case savings and the tax holiday and this Saturday you can buy a case for 17.5% savings– now that is compelling!

If you cannot make it to the shop on Saturday, no problem. Call us with an order anytime between now and then (802.246.6400), leave us a credit card number, and we’ll charge your case or half case on Saturday, sans tax.

We have two new $99 cases to entice you as well. Unlike previous $99 cases that included some wines that were being discontinued and therefore were heavily discounted, these cases are comprised of wines we typically carry and usually sell for $9-$12 per bottle. These wines are, in our view, the best wines available to us at these price points. The red case consists of 12 different red wines while the white case includes 2 bottles each of 6 different white wines. Please call us if you would like to have one of these cases so that we can reserve it for you. Don’t forget about our “Drive-Through” service– give us a call to let us know you are on your way and we will meet you in front of the shop with your wine to save you any parking hassle.