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Domaine Caillot, Bourgogne Blanc, “Les Herbeux,” 2005, $27.99 (organic)

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This is an opportunity to taste a terrific white Burgundy at an affordable price. Domaine Caillot is located in the village of Meursault. In February, the owner and winemaker, Michel Caillot visited Vermont and we were able to taste through 8 of his wines, each of which we wanted to buy. We finally settled on the Les Herbeux for the white as the biggest bang for the buck (we also carry two of Domaine Caillot’s reds). It is essentially Meursault masquerading as a Bourgogne Blanc.

When you taste it, you will have no doubt that you are in Burgundy. There is the signature minerality of the Cote d’Or’s limestone, crisp lemon-lime citrus, a little smokiness and a creamy texture, the totality of which gives way to a beautiful, long, pure finish. White Burgundies and double cream cheeses are a match made in heaven. The Caillot can also easily pair with grilled or roasted chicken or halibut, though as a vegetarian, I’ve put this with a barbecued tempeh (for the smokiness) and corn salad (for the creaminess) and was blissfully content.