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Broadbent, Vinho Verde, Portugal, $9.99

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Vinho Verde, the most popular white wine from Portugal, is a deliciously refreshing, light wine with gentle spritz. “Verde” means “green,” and I’ve read different explanations for its application to this wine. The first is simply that it refers to the hue of the wine. The second is that the grapes are picked when they are not fully ripe, or somewhat green, to keep the alcohol level low and the acid level high, both factors contributing to the freshness of the wine.  The Broadbent Vinho Verde weighs in at only 9% alcohol without any hint of sweetness, making it perfect for hot summer afternoons and early evenings. It is refreshing rather than enervating.

Broadbent Vinho Verde is a blend of 50% Loureiro, 40% Trajadura and 10% Pedema (the latter also known as Arinto). Like the Vinho Verdes you’ll find in Portugal, the vintage is not printed on the label. Vinho Verde is meant to be consumed in the first year that it is released. It is  also meant to be bracingly fresh. To ensure that the Vinho Verde gets to us in a form that showcases its signature freshness, Broadbent’s is imported on a refrigerated container (heat destroys the acidity). The result is the freshest tasting Vinho Verde on the market. An ideal warm weather wine, excellent for lunch and picnics, this wine is equally as lovely as an evening aperitif. “It  is the world’s greatest pairing for a Caesar salad” according to wine writer Jordan MacKay. The label was painted by Alice, the niece, of Bartholomew Broadbent, when she was four.