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For White Wine Lovers just in time for Spring

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Berger, Gruner-Veltliner, Kamptel (Krems) is back!

This is the infamous delicious wine in an impressively unattractive bottle-a liter, which makes it look like a jug wine, green and an inauspicious label that sort of looks like it belongs on an Irish beer. Yet the wine inside is a real crowd-pleaser. Now that it is back, we can put it onto the glass pour list again in the Wine Gallery. When we tried to take it off after a solid year’s appearance, there were cries of protest. We celebrate its return by placing it back on the glass pour. This is the wine that generated the “write your own description contest” won by Jennifer Jerome. What follows are the tasting notes from the distributor, supercilious to be sure, yet there is something compelling about the wine that makes it a real favorite and best of all, it is back and at the same price–$13.99 for a liter. 

It clings beautifully, all green leaves and “secret” sweetness (the deep incipient sweetness of physiological maturity) yet with salty minerality; lemon balm and mellissa and vetiver, long and complex; oolongs and senchas and hyssop and pure stone finish.