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A Time For Thanks

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It is the time of year when we are reminded to be thankful. At Windham Wines, we are thankful for those of you who make the effort to give us your business. We know that it is easier to grab bottles while you are grocery shopping, and we thank you for making the effort to come downtown and support a local business. While in France and Italy, we read about shops and bars that were closing at alarming rates, largely due to the economic times but exacerbated by globalization’s seemingly inexorable march toward homogeneity. The area in the South of France that we have habitually visited now has a “strip” that resembles Anywhere. Convenience has little unique personality.

Our customers, however, have personality in abundance. We so enjoy your visits and hearing about the delicious meals you expect to consume, giving us the opportunity to recommend something that should enhance your culinary creations. We know that great food requires some delicious wines to accompany it, and we know that great food with lovely wines and family and friends is a recipe for a successful celebration. Below are suggestions for several wines that should go nicely with your Thanksgiving meal.

Also listed below are the myriad events on the horizon. We have tastings every Saturday between now and the new year, including a holiday brews tasting with Tom Bedell on December 6th. We have our only tasting seminar since last spring’s Wine 101. No other time of year so ubiquitously involves sparkling wines, and we have designed an informative and delicious two-part seminar on Sparkling Wines and Grower-Champagnes. You can join us for one or both, Thursday, December 4th and Wednesday, December 10th. Details for both the beer tasting and sparkling series are provided below.

We continue to have local performers at various times. In the month ahead, we will enjoy the guitar of Bruce Rosow on Saturday, December 6th. Jennie Reichman returns on Friday, December 12th, and JC Donelson will be playing jazzy holiday carols on Thursday, December 18th and Friday, the 19th. We have also secured JC’s promise to start a monthly piano bar in the new year, so start limbering up your vocal cords and brushing up on words to show tunes and jazz standards.

We hope that you all have a delicious, enjoyable Thanksgiving break. We look forward to seeing you in the weeks ahead at Windham Wines and the Wine Gallery.

Your Friends at Windham Wines and the Wine Gallery