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New Wines for Autumn

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  • Timorasso– Piedmont: Ezio Poggio, $24, (organic) my new favorite white at the shop 49 acres of Timorasso globally, all in Piedmont
  • Juhfark– Hungary, Meinklang, $22 (biodynamic) 385 acres, all in Hungary
  • Biancu Gentile– Corsica, $34 (organic) 15 acres globally, all on Corisca
  • Jacquere– Savoie: Quenard, $16 2538 acres in France, 7 acres in Portugal
  • Arneis– Piedmont, Negro, $18 (organic) 1840 acres in Italy, plus minor plantings in Australia and the US


  • Mencia– Bierzo, Spain: Perez, Ultreia, $18 This wine ties with the Gropello below for my new favorite red at the shop. With it, you get a trio of lesser known varieties– Mencia, Bastardo and Alicante Bouchet
  • Jurancon Noir– Gaillac, SW France: Philemon, $13 (organic) 1750 acres in SW France, plus 2.5 acres in Uruguay
  • Graciano– Navarra: Zorzal, $13 (natural) 3650 acres in Spain; also planted in Italy as Bovale Sardo and France as Morrastel
  • Zweigelt– Burgenland, Austria: Meinklang, $16 (biodynamic) This is surely the least “obscure” of the grapes listed for our customers. There are 16,000 acres of vines in Austria alone. There are minor plantings in Germany, the UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and almost shockingly, Canada and Japan.
  • Gropello– Lombardia: Sincette, $22 (biodynamic) my new favorite red at the shop; while I could not find total plantings, it is less than 1% of the wine produced in Lombardia