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New Arrivals for December 2018

Windham Wines has loads of great new wines for you to try this holiday season.  Read on for our latest new arrivals. US Belle Ponte, Yamhill-Carlton, 2015– $27.99 (organic) J Brix, “Défier,” Merlot, Coquelicot Vineyard, Santa Ynez Cty, 2017– $25.99 (organic) J. Brix, “Augur,” Kick On Ranch, Riesling, Santa Barbera, 2017– $19.99 Cristom, Mt. Jefferson, […]

Holiday Gift–Wine Club

Just under a year ago, we introduced wine clubs from Windham Wines. We offer two variations: Terroir, wines for those interested in all styles of wine– red, white, rose, sparkling, and Vineyard, a reds-only option. For $60 per installment for 6 installments over the year, those who join would receive 2-3 bottles every other month […]

Alpha Box & Dice

Saturday, December 1st Alpha Box & Dice with Justin Fairweather The Aussies are back– Alphabox & Dice, a self-described “laboratory for viticultural exploration” brings us wines without boundaries, their Zaptung, a lively, sparkling made from the same grape as Prosecco but absolutely dry, to the Kit & Kaboodle red, a blend of Montepulciano, Grenache and […]

Wine Club Memberships Make Great Gifts

The wine clubs gained members over the year. We expect them to continue next year, so long as we maintain at least ten members for each club. These clubs provide a means for the wine curious to learn about new regions, new varieties and lesser-known producers. 
We offer two different clubs– Vineyard, a reds-only option and Terroir, which might include anything from all white or all red to combinations with sparklings and rosés. 

Thanksgiving Wines

Thanksgiving wines with Rob Ryan, Vermont Wine Merchants We’ll open 4 of the wines identified below to give you a preview of what you might bring to the mix a week from Thursday. Informal tasting — no charge!

Wine Tasting

Thanksgiving Wines

I hope that you all enjoy Thanksgiving as much as we do. It is a wonderful time of family, friends, food and,of course, wine. After a token 5 km turkey trot, we all gather in the kitchen for much of the day, cooking, sampling, eating hors d’oeuvres, oogling over the new lives that have joined […]


November Wine News – Thanksgiving and Beyond

It is that time of year when we are meant to reflect a bit on gratitude. At Windham Wines, we are grateful always to those who continue to support us. Without your support, we won’t be here. In the age of Amazon Prime, and next to a state that locates massive single-buyer driven liquor and wine outlets on its borders, we need you.

Tasting – Weingut Netzl, Austria

Saturday, November 3rd $30, plus tax Christina Netzl, winemaker The Netzl family grows vines and makes wine in the Caruntum region of Lower Austria. Though renowned for reds, principally Zweigelt– we’ll taste two of those, more recently its dynamic producers, like Netzl, are also gaining recognition for Pinot Blanc, which we’ll try.

Tasting – Bosnian Wine

Saturday, October 20th With: Indira Bayer, Wines of Illyria Patricia Whalen, International Judge Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina War Crimes Chamber Robert Madrygin, author, The Solace of Trees Our first tasting of the new season gives you the chance to explore what for us are obscure wines, i.e., wines from Bosnia that have not been […]